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Re: org-agenda todo list at startup

From: trebol55555
Subject: Re: org-agenda todo list at startup
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 15:09:44 +0000
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Thanks a lot Martyn, it's just I was looking for.

I use it in this way
(defun custom-startup ()
  (org-todo-list t)
  (switch-to-buffer "*Org Agenda*"))
(add-hook 'window-setup-hook 'custom-startup)

Thanks again,

Martyn Jago <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden writes:
> Hi trebol
> Use the window-setup-hook. This hook shouldn't be used within a library
> apparently, but is fine for your stuff. It runs after all the init and
> customization stuff. This is what I do anyway...
> (defun me-startup-in-agenda ()
>   (split-window-horizontally)
>   (my-load-org-files) 
>   (switch-to-buffer "")
>   (org-agenda-list))
>   (add-hook 'window-setup-hook 'me-startup-in-agenda)
> Regards
> Martyn

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