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Re: Porting emacs

From: Oleksandr Gavenko
Subject: Re: Porting emacs
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 13:15:11 +0000
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On 2011-02-19 23:27, address@hidden wrote:
Boris Moskalev<address@hidden>  writes:


I'm trying to  porting emacs to z/OS now. And now  I have some problem
with porting  due there is using  EBCDIC encoding.  Could  you help me
for that  problem. May be exist simple  answer and I just  have to add
codes of EBCDIC somewhere.

I should add that I do mainframe work all day on a Linux PC using Emacs.
I never had a desire to run the editor on z/OS, I think you're going
to see performance issues.

Yes this is may be best choice. Emacs comes with TRAMP mode
which allow connect to remote machine via SSH and make
editing on Linux/Windows host and all other job (as compilation,
testing) on mainframe.

Best regards!

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