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Re: swapping C-x and C-j reliably for ergonomic reasons

From: Bernardo
Subject: Re: swapping C-x and C-j reliably for ergonomic reasons
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 21:44:48 +1100
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Le Wang said the following on 19/02/11 04:57:

I do this from my .emacs.el:

(keyboard-translate ?\C-x ?\C-j)
(keyboard-translate ?\C-j ?\C-x)

This is part of my ongoing effort to use Emacs more ergonomically.  It works
most of the time, however, ocassionally when I press C-j,
`newline-and-indent' still runs.  I haven't put my finger on the exact
sequences of events that cause this.
guess the "lossage" (C-h l) doesn't reveal much in such a case?

My Emace environment is heavily customized, so any number of things could be
causing this.  It seems from the wiki and blogs that this swap is quite
common among power users

i don't use this kind of customisation, but recently when one of my ergonomic keyboards wore out i looked for a keyboard where (the right) CTRL key is easily reached while my right index finger rests on the J key; it turned out that small keyboards were much better in that sense; (i'm reasonably happy with "mobile keyboard 6000" but would encourage anyone taking this path to do their own testing)

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