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RE: help to change emacs defaults

From: Jason Mancini
Subject: RE: help to change emacs defaults
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 11:02:17 -0800

Apology for the delayed reply.  I discovered that emacs-23/motif at work is fine (Redhat systems).  The basic problem looks like clicking on the scroll bar acts like one is clicking in the text area too.  Dragging the scrollbar is like dragging inside the text area.  Middle-clicking the bar acts like middle-click paste in the text area.  (Perhaps some sort of widget overlap error.)  Now I understand that the behavior I see is not related to active-region-highlighting / transient-mark-mode at all.  (Note: the random people on the 'net complaining about arh/tmm are probably unknowingly bitten by this bug.)

23.2.1 from scratch on kubuntu with toolkit motif, athena, lucid, gtk+ 2.20.0.
22.3.1 from scratch on kubuntu with toolkit motif, athena, lucid.
23.1.1 kubuntu package w/lucid
22.2.1 kubuntu package w/motif

23.1.1 from scratch on kubuntu with toolkit gtk+ 2.20.0
22.3.1 from scratch on kubuntu with toolkit gtk+ 2.20.0
22.2.1 kubuntu package w/gtk+ 2.20.0
23.1.1 kubuntu package w/gtk+ 2.20.0

What I see is that all the non-working ones use gtk+ ... and all the working ones don't use gtk, save the lone exception of the current emacs.  So I guess I just needed the latest greatest 23.2.1 version!  Shame about the broken default installs I've encountered on kubuntu and mandriva.  No bug to file since the latest stuff works.

Jason Mancini

> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden; address@hidden
> Subject: RE: help to change emacs defaults
> Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2010 10:28:58 -0800
> > How do I stop the following:
> > Every time the right scroll bar is used with the middle mouse
> > button, it pastes wherever the cursor happens to be when the
> > mouse is finally released. To be clear, I am not middle-clicking
> > in the editing area!
> Sounds like a bug. `M-x report-emacs-bug RET'.
> (I assume your Emacs is compiled with GTK+ support on X Window. Otherwise,
> `mouse-2' should do nothing on the scroll bar, AFAIK.)
> > Also, how do I permanently disable "Active Region Highlighting"?
> > (Select, scroll, paste is impossible when enabled.)
> That last part makes it sound like the only reason you want to do this is
> because of the bug mentioned above.
> > I disabled it, saved options, and restarted, but sometimes
> > new buffers re-enable ARH. I can see '(transient-mark-mode)
> > nil in .emacs config file already.
> Maybe the modes of those new buffers impose transient-mark mode? Have you
> checked the (local) value of variable `transient-mark-mode' in those buffers
> (use C-h v)?
> If not, consider filing a separate bug for this. You should be able to use the
> Options menu to turn off t-m mode and then use it to save your changes, and
> those changes should be respected in new Emacs sessions. When you file a bug,
> give a step-by-step recipe to reproduce it, starting from emacs -Q.
> (It's important to start from emacs -Q. Otherwise, there might well be
> something else from your .emacs or something it loads that is affecting the
> behavior.)

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