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Re: Running Programs from Inside Emacs

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Running Programs from Inside Emacs
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 13:28:03 +0100
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Oleksandr Gavenko <address@hidden> writes:

> On 2011-02-17 15:09, address@hidden wrote:
>> IMO, better is to use the Makefile.
>> [...]
>> helloworld.test: helloworld
>>          ./helloworld
> But if your './helloworld' is interactive console app and it ask you
> for input you get can not pass input to it.
> Or this possible in comiplation-mode?

No it is not.  For console applications, I advised to use M-x shell in
that case, but there are other ways.  

In emacs, you can use M-x term if the program
uses curses or in general terminal control codes beyond the dumbest

Or, outside of emacs, you can launch your program via xterm or some
other terminal emulator:

    helloworld.test: helloworld
        xterm -e ./helloworld

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