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Re: w3 and css

From: Andrea Crotti
Subject: Re: w3 and css
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 12:24:56 +0100

Il giorno 19/feb/2011, alle ore 11.27, Harald Hanche-Olsen ha scritto:
> I thought w3 was dead, so this got me all exited.
> Indeed the web site says “Emacs/W3 is dead, long live Emacs/W3”
> so I thought it had been revived, and maybe it has – but I downloaded
> the git repository and ran git log, which tells me the latest revision
> to the code was in May 2008. This does not bode well.
> A little more detail: It looks like development came to a halt in 2002,
> with a couple of fixes in 2003, then a hiatus until 2006, after which
> the project was continued by Magnus Henoch until May 2008. Whether he
> has abandoned it or he does not see any needs for further improvement is
> unclear to me. The w3-announce mailing list archives are full of spam.
> The w3-devel mailing list (
> has a question similar to yours dated 15 Nov 2009 that looks similar to
> yours, and which was never answered on the list.
> My own very tentative conclusion is that w3 is still dead, and that w3m
> is a better bet. But I'll follow this thread with interest in case
> someone wants to tell us otherwise.
> -- 
> * Harald Hanche-Olsen     <URL:>
> - It is undesirable to believe a proposition
>  when there is no ground whatsoever for supposing it is true.
>  -- Bertrand Russell

Ah good I didn't check it was dead.
I think I had the same problem last time :)
Maybe it's not worth to implement such a complicated thing like a browser in 
there are way too many things to take care of.

Anyway w3m from this page
doesn't really look in a good shape either, last release in 2005...

I don't really need much, I just wanted to see simple html+css pages in emacs...

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