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my cscope mode

From: Perry Smith
Subject: my cscope mode
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:58:21 -0600

Back around 1990 I wrote a mode for emacs so that I can use cscope from within 
emacs.  There are various other implementations of the same idea floating 
around.  It is now causing me great gnashing of teeth.  It has two bugs.

First, I've hooked in to find file because cscope may think the file is down 
/this/original/path but the tree is a build tree that has "backing" trees 
hooked together with symbolic links.  So, if the file is not down 
/this/original/path, I search down /this/link/original/path and then 
/this/link/link/original/path, until there are no more links to follow.

By the time I find the file, for some reason, my "goto line" fails.  It finds 
the file.  And if the file is loaded the first time, the "goto line" works.  
But if the file is already loaded, the "goto line" doesn't work.  Any thoughts 
of what I might be doing wrong?  I'm completely guessing that I am doing a save 
excursion or something like that in the wrong place.

The other frustrating failure is it clobbers either the kill ring or the window 
system's paste buffer or both.  I think in this case, I'm trying to have a 
private history but I must be misusing it.  This problem is "new" as far as I 
can remember.  It started when I moved a few years ago up to Emacs 22 and it 
continues with Emacs 23.

I know this is a horrible bug description but I thought some might have some 
thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong or perhaps you have some ideas of nice ways 
to debug it.

Thank you,

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