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RE: NTEmacs and C-M -x cords

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: NTEmacs and C-M -x cords
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 11:55:50 -0800

> > How about indexing Emacs-manual node `Windows Keyboard' 
> > (which covers this) using some entries that include `alt',
> > `ctrl', and `control'.  It is likely that
> > some users will search for info about those keys.
> But "i alt RET" will land you there anyway, so adding another "alt"
> entry is not useful, or needed.

Somehow I expected that response from you. ;-)

The fact that "alt RET" works does not mean that an entry for the right alt key
would not _also_ be helpful.  E.g., "right alt key".

And as I suggested, entries for "ctrl" and "control" might also help here.

Think of Le's question as an index search: "Why doesn't left-control plus
right-alt work for `C-M-'?".

That's a reasonable question, especially given that using left keys for both
control and alt and using right keys for both of them work as expected - each
combination is interpreted as `C-M-'.  And just the right alt key alone also
works, as `M-'.  It is only the combination left control plus right alt that
Emacs treats by default as control + altgr.

> > Also, `w32-recognize-altgr' is not a user option, so your 
> > "customize this behavior" does not include using Customize.
> > How about making it a user option?
> Patches for that are welcome.

(defcustom w32-recognize-altgr t
  "Non-nil means treat keys right-alt and left-ctrl used together as AltGr.
If nil, treat the combination the same as ctrl plus alt (typically
  :group 'keyboard :type 'boolean)

For any C code (the defvar is in `w32term.c'), someone else will need to

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