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Re: impossible to leave a shell frame with C-o

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: impossible to leave a shell frame with C-o
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 17:40:35 +0100

Am 13.02.2011 um 17:28 schrieb paragoge:

The man for ls says : with --color[WHEN] (WHEN may be 'never', 'always' or
'auto'. Is that the adequate entry for switching off the colorize?

Exactly: use NEVER when Emacs. This can be achieved by ~/.emacs_<the name of your login shell> – see documentation!

I have a little experimented...for example with ls -d and I have got
:^[[0m.^[[0m ??!!

The ANSI codes intensify the brightness and switch on green (34), I think. At the end of the line it's all switched off for normal use. Would you do it differently?

The ANSI escapes are (were) documented – in additional documentation for Xterm and also in the Bash Prompt HOWTO. At least in last millennium.



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