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Re: [Xming + emacsclient] How to load a library in an emacsclient call

From: trebol55555
Subject: Re: [Xming + emacsclient] How to load a library in an emacsclient call
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 04:12:11 +0000
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Harry Putnam <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>>> (NOTE: the xming-on-m1 `library' sets a specific font and bkg foregrd colors
>>> to use on a specific host `m1')
>>> emacsclient -s nognus -e "(load-library \"xming-on-m1\")" ; \
>>> emacsclient -s nognus -c
>>> That doesn't work... there are no errors but the resulting emacs does
>>> not have the xming-on-m1 library loaded.  So I guess it needs to be
>>> worked into a single command.
>>> So cutting to the chase:
>>> The question is how to make emacs read a specific library or file in
>>> an emacsclient command line.
>> Hello Harry,
>> The comands:
>> $ emacsclient -c -s nameserver -e "(load-library \"namelibrary\")
>> $ emacsclient -c -s nameserver -e "(load-file \"file_path\")"
>> works in linux without problem. I don't know anything about xming, but
>> this is the correct syntax.  
> Ahhh... thanks... why I missed that format is a mystery to me.  Caved
> in to quick I guess.
> Thanks alot.

Hello Harry,
I forgave final quotes in first command:

$ emacsclient -c -s nameserver -e "(load-library \"namelibrary\")"

Just in case... Bye,

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