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Re: [Xming + emacsclient] How to load a library in an emacsclient call

From: trebol55555
Subject: Re: [Xming + emacsclient] How to load a library in an emacsclient call
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 00:26:11 +0000
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Harry Putnam <address@hidden> writes:

> Can anyone coach me about syntax or other format items to do this:
> Call emacs using emacsclient but including a call to load a specific
> library.
> It doesn't end there though.
> The call is being executed through Xming *.launch script from windows
> 7.
> I have no problem calling emacs via emacslcient thru Xming.  Its just
> that I'm not sure how to include an emacs command into the same
> command line.
> If I could see how to do the above from the linux cmdline I'm pretty
> sure I could figure out to work it into an xming script, but, I'm not
> even sure how to do this at a linux command prompt beyond calling
> emacs like this:
>  (the server running is named `nognus'
>   emacsclient -s nognus -c
> That will start emacs from the named daemon.  But how to have emacs to
> load a specific library when called?
> The emacsclient man page seems to indicate that the `-e' switch might do
> what I want.  So I thought if used in tandem with the other command
> like this:
> (NOTE: the xming-on-m1 `library' sets a specific font and bkg foregrd colors
> to use on a specific host `m1')
> emacsclient -s nognus -e "(load-library \"xming-on-m1\")" ; \
> emacsclient -s nognus -c
> That doesn't work... there are no errors but the resulting emacs does
> not have the xming-on-m1 library loaded.  So I guess it needs to be
> worked into a single command.
> So cutting to the chase:
> The question is how to make emacs read a specific library or file in
> an emacsclient command line.

Hello Harry,

The comands:

$ emacsclient -c -s nameserver -e "(load-library \"namelibrary\")
$ emacsclient -c -s nameserver -e "(load-file \"file_path\")"

works in linux without problem. I don't know anything about xming, but
this is the correct syntax.  

Good luck,

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