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RE: bookmarks and find-file

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bookmarks and find-file
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 07:25:31 -0700

> I'm still looking for the holy grail of fast access...
> The thing is that now I have my nice bookmarks to some 
> directories, but when I do find-file (ido-find-file actually)
> I have no access to them.
> So what I normally do is just jump to the bookmark and then find-file
> from there, which is a bit slow... Any idea to make them work together?
> Something like C-x C-f <bookmark name>/ would be nice...

In Icicles, anytime you use a file-access command such as `C-x C-f' you can
access file bookmarks by using `C-x m' in the minibuffer.

The completion candidates are only the file bookmarks (not Info, desktop, Gnus,
Man, W3M, etc. bookmarks). You can access any number of files through their
bookmarks in a single `C-x C-f' command, because it is a multi-command.

Similarly, you can access Dired bookmarks whenever you use `C-x d', buffer
bookmarks when you use `C-x b', Info bookmarks when you use `g' (goto-node) in
Info, etc.

You also need Bookmark+ to use this Icicles feature.

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