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Re: Smooth scrolling

From: Jesse W. Wilson
Subject: Re: Smooth scrolling
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 13:29:59 -0600
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Perhaps the following could be of use?

If I type this in a buffer and eval with c-x c-e,
(set-window-vscroll (selected-window) 0.3)

It seems to scroll a fraction of a line downward.

Of course I haven't a clue how it could be incorporated into bindings for the scroll wheel.

Jesse Wilson
Bartels Lab: Ultrafast and Nonlinear Optics
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Colorado State University

On 7/7/2010 1:21 PM, Deniz Dogan wrote:
2010/7/7 Marcelo de Moraes Serpa<address@hidden>:
Let's join efforts and ask for it then :)

Is there a place we could submit/vote for feature suggestions for next
emacs versions?

The correct way to do this is probably M-x report-emacs-bug and add
the tag/severity (I can never remember which) "wishlist". I wouldn't
count on it happening any time soon though! :(

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