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Rapidly navigating buffers using search

From: Jonathan Groll
Subject: Rapidly navigating buffers using search
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2010 08:43:05 +0200
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For quick navigation, I use C-s (isearch-forward) and C-r
(isearch-backward) for a phrase that catches my eye so that I can
quickly move to that part of the buffer. I *think* this is a technique
that a lot of us use for rapidly navigating buffers.

The thing is, what do you type when you want to exit the search? I
usually type C-SPC (set-mark) or if I'm feeling certain then I might
press something like C-d. Is there a better way to exit the search
without the unintended consequences (such as setting mark?) I also do
find it difficult to hold in my head that exiting a forward search
drops me at the end of the search result and vice-versa for a reverse

Any body want to share their technique for rapidly navigating buffers?


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