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Re: Following shortcuts when using tab completion with emacs on windows

From: amicitas
Subject: Re: Following shortcuts when using tab completion with emacs on windows.
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 22:31:06 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks for your info on this, it gives me a good place to start.

On Jan 30, 8:22 am, "Drew Adams" <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I would like to find a way to follow windows shortcuts (*.lnk) files
> > when using tab completion.
> > The package "w32-symlinks" allows emacs to follow windows shortcuts.
> > Does any one know how to tie this into the tab completion so that
> > links will be followed?
> > The exact behavior that I would like is that when I type C-x C-f to
> > open a file, then type in the name of a shortcut and press <TAB>, I
> > would be taken to the linked directory and be able to choose a file.
> > Basically to mimic symbolic links on POSIX.  Any link files that I do
> > encounter will have been created by cygwin.
> > I am using a windows installation of emacs 23.1.
> In Emacs 22, if you customize (not just setq) option
> `w32-symlinks-handle-shortcuts' to `t', then it should do what you want. It
> works for me, at least.
> In Emacs 23.1, it seems to raise an error, "wrong-type-argument stringp 
> #<buffer
> the-shortcut.lnk>".
> The problem is that the file-name handler kicks in for
> `verify-visited-file-modtime', whose arg is a buffer, not a file name. That
> leads to `w32-symlinks-parse-shortcut' being called on the buffer, which calls
> `insert-file-contents' on the buffer (and it expects a file name).
> I tried with the version of w32-symlinks.el 
> here:
> Perhaps the author, Francis J. Wright has a more recent version that doesn't
> have this problem. (But the latest version I find on his Web site is the same 
> as
> the Emacs-Wiki version.) You might ask either Francis or Lars Hansen (who has
> made the latest updates to the library) to look into the problem, assuming I'm
> not the only one who sees it.
> HTH.

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