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Re: M-x custom: *PLEASE*, someone, have it build an INDEX (as in *info*)

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: M-x custom: *PLEASE*, someone, have it build an INDEX (as in *info*)
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 00:26:13 -0700
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David Combs wrote:
In article <address@hidden>,
Kevin Rodgers  <address@hidden> wrote:
David Combs wrote:
Unlike most everyone else, I find "custom" basically UNUSABLE.

(Actually, I'd much prefer a super-LONG edit-options -- at least
I could run M-x occur on it, see where things were.

This custom thing -- I have no idea where things are, how far
down I have to go.

Maybe if someone could code it to draw one HUGE tree (lying on its
side, of course), but the current scheme doesn't work for me.

So, an INDEX would help -- each one being a LINK to the thing
it's about.  Custom would make the index each time it started up.

Why not `M-x apropos-variable' to generate the *Apropos* buffer as a
virtual index?  Then click on one of the links to display the *Help*
buffer for any variable, which has a link to customize the variable.

You mean with a regexp like "."?  To get EVERYTHING?

No, I mean if you want to search the virtual index for "foo", type
`M-x apropos-variable RET foo RET'.

   (everything that emacs knows about, anyway, at that time
    I guess that custom works the same way -- if a .el file
    hasn't yet been read in, emacs won't know any of its

   Or is that just plain wrong.  Isn't there something that
  is predefined, and if referenced, it's then read in?
  Or is that just for defuns?  Or not even emacs-lisp?)

There are autoloaded variables, just like autoloaded functions.

Kevin Rodgers
Denver, Colorado, USA

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