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Re: Running emacs deamon outside login

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: Running emacs deamon outside login
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 20:59:55 +0100
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Steve Revilak <address@hidden> writes:

> --pWyiEgJYm5f9v55/
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>> Subject: Re: Running emacs deamon outside login
> srevilak>     nohup emacs --daemon </dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1  &
> rileyrgdev> Hi Steve.
> rileyrgdev>=20
> rileyrgdev> I am confused as why any of this is necessary?
> Richard,
> Let's go back to the original post.
> OP> On Linux, I've been wondering whether there's a good way to run
> OP> emacs deamon outside of my login process, so that I can log out
> OP> and in again and connect to the same emacs deamon process.
> OP> This may be more of a Linux question than an Emacs question, but
> OP> does anyone know of any better ways to do this? It's essentially
> OP> just some way to ensure that the emacs process stays alive when I
> OP> log out.
> I simply answered the more general question: "how do I keep a unix
> process alive after I log out?".
> Steve

Well, fair enough but the question was about Linux and the Emacs
daemon. And one  doesn't have to do anything to keep it alive - certainly
not nohup - so I wondered if perhaps your answer might have confused. I
had wondered if there was any benefit in  using nohup hence I asked why
the complicated approach when its not necessary.



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