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Re: ESC x man and "man -k"

From: Joseph Brenner
Subject: Re: ESC x man and "man -k"
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 01:11:23 -0800
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Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:
> Joseph Brenner wrote:
>> I've always liked the man feature:
>>   man -k <search_term>
>> Which does something like an "apropos" search on man pages.
>> I used to use this feature often inside of emacs, first doing an
>>   ESC x man
>> then at the prompt, entering:
>>   -k <search_term>
>> Now, with a recent "cvs emacs" (soon to be called "bizarre emacs", I fear),
>> I find that I can't type the space after the -k.
>> Is this supposed to be a feature?  How can I fix it?
> It must be doing completion on the option letter.
> Type C-q SPC instead of just SPC.

Yes, that seems to work... but I decided I might as well do it
like this:

  (defun man-apropos-search (search-term)
    "Do a keyword search of man pages, cf. 'man -k SEARCH-TERM'."
    (interactive "ssearch term for man pages: ")
    (man (concat "-k " search-term)))

  (global-set-key "\M-om" 'man-apropos-search)

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