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RE: emacs tramp and the remote environment

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: emacs tramp and the remote environment
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 16:50:11 -0800

> I use tramp every day from home (it is a so great tool!) to compile
> and run applications in a remote set of machines. At this moment the
> only thing I'm missing is a better way for moving around the remote
> file system. I mean, in the remote environment I set a few variables
> that when running emacs locally would quickly let me go to directories
> I need to visit, that is, C-x C-f $MYVAR tab
> But with tramp on a remote machine all variable keep their local value
> and, therefore, I cannot use them to browse the remote file system.
> I thought that hooking a function that would somehow replace process-
> environment with the remote one would do the trick. Then I saw in
> tramp that there is already a variable named tramp-remote-process-
> environment, but it seems to be meant to some other purposes.
> Would it be there and advice on how to accomplish what I'm looking
> for?

This doesn't respond directly to your Tramp question - I do understand that what
you really want is a full remote environment, shell, etc. I think someone else
will answer you completely about that.

However, it might also help to know that you can bookmark remote locations:
files and directories, and then visit the bookmarks. IOW, just go to the trouble
once of getting to the right places, and set bookmarks to them for subsequent
quick access.

One way to do that is using Bookmark+:

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