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Re: Running emacs deamon outside login

From: Richard Lewis
Subject: Re: Running emacs deamon outside login
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 22:04:04 +0000
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At Thu, 21 Jan 2010 10:21:41 -0800,
Suvayu Ali wrote:
> On Thursday 21 January 2010 07:35 AM, Richard Lewis wrote:
> > On Linux, I've been wondering whether there's a good way to run emacs
> > deamon outside of my login process, so that I can log out and in again
> > and connect to the same emacs deamon process.
> >
> > One sort of solution is running it using start-stop-deamon on Debian,
> > essentially as described on emacswiki:
> >
> >
> >
> > However, to get this to work I've had to hack it as I describe at the
> > bottom of that section (running emacs using su).
> >
> > This may be more of a Linux question than an Emacs question, but does
> > anyone know of any better ways to do this? It's essentially just some
> > way to ensure that the emacs process stays alive when I log out.
> You don't need to do all that, logging out preserves the `emacs 
> --daemon'. Just use `emacsclient -ca=""' to connect to the daemon.
Oh wow, that's very cool. Thanks.

> However I have seen another issue, it takes a long time to log out from 
> the session I started the daemon. However for subsequent sessions, the 
> login and logout is usual. I have seen this with XFCE and Gnome on two 
> different distros. (Xubuntu 9.04 and Fedora 11) I am yet to investigate 
> this in more detail.
Fortunately I haven't found that problem. I'm using just plain
metacity (no desktop environment).
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