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Re: gnus is not showing all my messages

From: evan
Subject: Re: gnus is not showing all my messages
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 02:50:15 -0800 (PST)
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Hello, Thanks for your reply.

Let me say that I don't have any unread emails in my inbox so when I
hit either Return or Space in the Group buffer I get the message
"How many articles from INBOX (defauly 274):" (I am aware that 274 is
not the actual number of my messages but a scoring) and then I hit
Return.  In the Summary buffer gnus shows me only 8 messages out of

I also tried the gnus-topic-select-group function. I ran  (gnus-topic-
select-group -200), for example, but that shows me only the very first
message while (gnus-topic-select-group 7) shows me the last 4.

On Jan 15, 1:35 am, Frank Fredstone <address@hidden> wrote:
> evan <address@hidden> writes:
> > Hello all,
> > I configured gnus v5.13 for reading my email (imap) but it looks like
> > it's not showing all the messages from my inbox. I can only see the
> > very oldest message and a few recent ones, even after I run gnus-
> > summary-insert-old-articles. I can see through the webmail and
> > thunderbird that there are more messages in my inbox. Also, it seems
> > to show all the messages in my INBOX.sent-mail folder and in another
> > folder which I checked, so I believe that the problem is only with the
> > INBOX folder. I would appreciate if you have any suggestions to make
> > gnus show all the messages from  my inbox. I looked in this group and
> > elsewhere but I couldn't find any help.
> You may be entering the mail group by pressing space, which by default
> shows only unread messages. Pressing enter, shows read and unread
> messages.
> Or, see the function gnus-topic-select-group.

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