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TODO in code and org mode

From: andrea
Subject: TODO in code and org mode
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 14:04:00 +0100
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I had an idea which would be really nice if I'm able to implement it.
I write very often in code comments like
// FIXME: infinite loop
for example, now is a good thing they're in the code, but I also would
like to centralize the error management per project in some way.

So I thought something like, adding a hook in after-save-hook that
checks all the FIXME|TODO... and adds it to an org-mode file.

That org-mode should be like

* FIXME [[file:error.c:20][error.c]] (don't remember the syntax)
Maybe also including the date when this has been written the first time.
Then if the error is corrected or the nice thing would be adding a 
 CLOSED at [date]


The only problem I see is if you change the text but leave the FIXME,
in that case maybe the other thing is not CLOSED but it's just changed,
and we should remove the old and create a new entry.

What do you think, could that be a good idea?

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