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emacs+ede+ecb questions

From: Wolfram Brenig
Subject: emacs+ede+ecb questions
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 17:23:22 +0100


is anybody out there using emacs + ede (cedet) + ecb ? I'm having several 
newbie's questions:

1) how can I set compiler flags (a) *per* sub-project or (b) *per* target ? Not 
the AM_....-type of flags, but such like CFLAGS="blabla".

2) If I have a source file which is a member of *several* targets of *several* 
sub-projects, how can I switch the file's current membership from one pair of 
(sub-projects/target) to another one other than purging its current buffer and 
reloading it from the other sub-projects directory.

3) Somewhat similar to the preceeding, if I have a source file which is a 
member of *several* targets within *one* sub-project, then, whenever I want to 
compile it, ede will ask me for which target. In principle that's ok. - but 
can't I somehow set a fixed target for compilation for a 'some time'. Always 
having to answer 'for which target?' is not very handy.

4) How can I display *.o (object) files in ede's speedbar? I found several 
places to change regexps for files to be, or not to be displayed, but none of 
them produced the *.o files to show up in ede's speedbar file view?

5) Can I tell ede to compile a specific target completely from scratch, 
although some *.o files may already have been compiled. Sure, one can delete 
*.o files on a file-by-file basis, but that is not very handy.

6) I am trying to use ede together with ecb and I want to have ede's speedbar 
instead of ecb's directory buffer. I have no problem in doing that, however 
once ede's speedbar replaces ecb's directory buffer, I cannot resize the 
speedbar's buffer anymore. Neither mouse_1,2, or 3 does this for me? How to 
resize speedbar's window  in ecb?

Thanks for any help,

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