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RE: info/info+ (23.1.50/EmacsW32) - Error creating toplevel dir menu

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: info/info+ (23.1.50/EmacsW32) - Error creating toplevel dir menu
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2010 16:15:14 -0800

> A problem creating the toplevel dir menu (C-h i)...
> Comments/suggestions would be appreciated on
> appropriate list/forum

This forum is OK, but it is best to send bug reports for info+.el to me directly
(email). info+.el is not part of vanilla Emacs.

If you use `M-x customize-group Info-Plus', you'll see a link named `Send Bug
Report'. Clicking that link will start an email to me for your bug report.

> After upgrading to EmacsW32+Emacs20091103 (patched) the 
> toplevel dir menu went missing. "Can't find dir or any
> compressed version of it" appears in *messages*/*backtrace*.

Thanks for your feedback.

You are using a development version of Emacs (EmacsW32+Emacs20091103). info+.el
has supported Emacs 23 since its release (23.1), but it has not supported
development versions (aka "CVS Emacs").

Now that the pretest is out, I've just updated info+.el to accommodate the
development changes since Emacs 23.1. Please try the latest version. It should
correctly support all releases starting with Emacs 20, as well as the current
Emacs 23.2 pretest.

Thx - Drew

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