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Re: problems with efont

From: Peter Münster
Subject: Re: problems with efont
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2010 23:13:41 +0100
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On Sun, Jan 03 2010, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> The result is here:
>> It seems pale and pixelized. Is this normal? What do you think?
> To me only "(" and ")" look pixelised. This can be due to poor performance 
> of the rendering engine in your X server.

Hello Peter,

Indeed, only the "(" and ")" look pixelised, but do you see also the thin
lines of the "m" compared to the other letters?

>> I don't know, if this font comes from Java. I get the fontnames from
>> "xlsfonts".
> Check which shared libraries your version of GNU Emacs uses! If 
> libfontconfig is among them then it will use fontconfig and you have its 
> utilities fc-list or fc-match. Some possible commands (in case you're new 
> to this):
>       fc-list :lang=el,ar,he | sort
>       fc-list : file family lang
>       fc-list : file lang spacing | grep spac | egrep 'lang=.*th'

Thank you for this hint!  Now I've spent some more time on my font problem
with the following results:

- There weren't any Lucida fonts in my java installation, because my java
  package came from OpenJDK. After installing the java package from Sun, I
  found the LucidaTypewriter*.ttf files and fc-list shows them.

- Emacs is linked to fontconfig.

- With "emacs -fn 'Lucida Sans Typewriter'" I get a nice font, but too

- I've discovered Menu-bar -> Options -> Set Default Font ...
  (why only now and not earlier...???), where I could set the right
  size (18) and save it to .gnu-emacs-custom
  Do you know, how to set the size with command-line option or X-resources?

- For now, I'm quite satisfied with Lucida, but when I have some more time,
  I'll look for a font with another height/width ratio (less height) to
  get more lines on my screen... (with efont I got 5 more lines)

Thanks again for your answers!
Cheers, Peter

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