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From: Sean Sieger
Subject: ses
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2010 13:59:26 -0500
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Got a minute to explain an SES spreadsheet?

I'm reading the SES manual, but I think it presupposes a familiarity
with spreadsheets and spreadsheet manuals.  I've never successfully made
a spreadsheet in my life (Excel (ugh), Emacs Table, the Emacs Table in
Org, nothing ... I'd so like to keep track of expenses this way, in

How do I,

  - name cell A `Date' and right align it?

  - name cell A1  `Expense' and left align it?
    (or can one do both of the above in two lines in cell A?)

  - enter today's date in cell B?

  - enter my first expense say `Subway' in A2?

  - make column A auto-fit and data right-aligned beneath the
    right-aligned column name?

  - (assuming I can then add subsequent dates by inserting new columns
    in the future,) name cell C `Subtotal' and enter a formula for that
    column that adds the amounts of the row?

  - name cell B3 `Total' and enter a formula in C3 that totals column C?

Please help me get started.

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