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RE: ispell-get-line: Wrong type argument: stringp, ni

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: ispell-get-line: Wrong type argument: stringp, ni
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 11:21:08 -0800

>> My guess is that the text you quoted is irrelevant here.
>> A wrong-type arg error is a product bug, even if it is often only a minor
>> problem. Please try to reproduce it, starting with `emacs -Q', and then
>> it using `M-x report-emacs-bug'.
>> Often, such a bug occurs because of a lack of proper initialization of
>> (typically a variable that is supposed to be a string is nil by default).
>> The same code that raises the error often performs initialization, so after
>> error has been raised once, initialization has occurred and the error is
>> raised again. That can explain why it "went away without any apparent
>> intervention from you." There is nevertheless a bug.
> I appreciate your perspective here and admire the combination
> of skills, knowledge, and intellect that would guide someone to
> reproduce the state of such a complex system.  That combination
> doesn't describe me, however, and I'm not able to reproduce the
> error message starting with emacs-Q (though I was pleased to
> find that I could do enough to raise two other errors that were
> familiar to me through my configuration trials).  I wish I was
> able to do more.
> In response to your final paragraph, I did observe the error
> repeatedly as I tried the various menu items that launch a spell
> check: the various options under Edit/Spell and the AucTeX one
> under Command/Spell.  I don't know if this observation bears
> directly on the problem, but it came to mind when I read your
> last paragraph, and I am passing it along in the hope that it
> might prove interesting to you.

OK, no problem. I meant only that if you _are_ able to reproduce it, then you
can help by reporting that.

Even a report that doesn't start with `emacs -Q' can often help. What you've
said so far might even be enough for someone to find the problem (if you report
it). The reason that `emacs -Q' is generally more helpful is that it eliminates
your init file as a possible source of the problem; that's all.


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