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Re: Some functions I hope are useful for others to

From: Cecil Westerhof
Subject: Re: Some functions I hope are useful for others to
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 21:10:05 +0100
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address@hidden (Pascal J. Bourguignon) writes:

> buffer-delete-lines --> kill-line

Not complete. My buffer-delete-lines delete the complete line from the
beginning, kill-line does it from the cursor position.

> buffer-to-unix --> universal-coding-system-argument
>                    set-default-coding-systems
>                    etc.
> More precisely, when you load a file with DOS line termination, then
> you get a (DOS) in the status line, and lines in the buffer (there's
> no RET in the buffer!).  When you save a buffer (C-x C-s), it's saved
> with the same line termination.  When you write out the buffer (C-x
> C-w), the default-coding-systems are used, so if you specify a unix
> coding system there, it will be saved as a unix text file.

This works also when there are lines of all three types? And with my
function you get immediately rid of those ^M at the end of the line.

> I find them quite specific.  (I wouldn't need these funtions).

I find log-message very handy. You do not have to search for messages of
a certain process in *Messages*. (I use it for my gnus-idle-daemon.)
I find exit-depends-on-interactive also very handy. When calling a
function interactive it is nice to get a message in the mini buffer, but
not when a function is not called interactive.

> time-difference-formatted: do not do more than one thing in a
> function.  Either compute a time difference, or format a time, but
> don't do both!

I do. For computing the time difference I call time-difference in

> Time formating is already provided by emacs format-time-string,
> so your function is redundant.

I do not think so, because in my function the format is dependent on the
time difference.

> Before an opening parenthesis, there can be only a quote, a space or
> another opening parenthesis.

I started to do this. I am used that the parenthesis in which the
parameters are given are bound to the function name. In my newest code I
am using a space, but this code is a little older and should be changed
by me.

> Finally, my own funtions are also my own-functions.   You should
> rather use a unique prefix, such as:
> nl.decebal.cecil-general.el
> nl.decebal.cecil-buffer.el
> nl.decebal.cecil-time.el

That is a good idea.

> and you could also prefix your functions with the same to avoid
> collision with my own functions:
> nl.decebal.cecil.general/set-property-in-listo  
> nl.decebal.cecil.time/emacs-uptime

Used with defalias that is also a good idea.

But when I started writing those functions I did not think it would be
interesting for others. I hope I was wrong. :-D

Cecil Westerhof
Senior Software Engineer

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