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Re: occasional pause (or stutter) on win32 emacs 23.0.95

From: Brel
Subject: Re: occasional pause (or stutter) on win32 emacs 23.0.95
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 03:47:35 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 10, 5:20 pm, Reto Hubmann <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Yes, I was researching yesterday and it turns out I was wrong. The content
> > of that MSYS is _not_ the subsystem, as
> > I erroneously assumed it was. I thought MinGW
> > was a collection of compilers which targeted the MSYS runtime. The
> > content of that its compilers
> > target the Microsoft runtimes.
> > Having said that, learning this just makes me _more_ confused. Now I wonder
> > if perhaps the mingw-gcc outputs are somehow not using the Microsoft
> > runtimes "correctly", leading to some kind of initialization delay. [yes, I
> > know this has really digressed into a MinGW discussion, and for that I am
> > sorry]
> > I want very much to use Microsoft's compilers to build Emacs, in order
> > to find out what's wrong. However, for right now I don't have the
> > intellectual bandwidth to chase that.
> >  Sorry for the confusion,
> >  -- /v\atthew
> I came to our HQ today and found out that the stutter ist not occuring when
> I'm directly connected to the domain. I only have this problem when I'm
> "offline" or connected with VPN.
> I'm not sure, but it looks like emacs is trying to resolve something which
> is failing when the domain is not properly connected.
> Reto

I'm having the same problem on a windows xp sp 3 and I can confirm:
1/ Ctrl-g does not interrupt the pause
2/ Having a network connection corrects the problem

For me the pause only happens when I want to edit the buffer. If I
just move the cursor around, there is no pause. Continued editing does
not pause but if I wait a couple of minutes, I get a pause again.

As for point 2, I get the impression that any network connection
solves the problem but I'm having trouble confirming this because my
wifi cxn is very intermittent.

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