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Re: Org-mode repeated times with ranges

From: Tyler Smith
Subject: Re: Org-mode repeated times with ranges
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 10:19:56 -0500
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Nathaniel Flath <address@hidden> writes:

> Is there a way to create an org-mode event that repeats weekly until a certain
> date, and then stops?

One way to do it is to create the first event, then call
org-clone-subtree-with-timeshift, which is bound to C-c C-x c. This will
prompt you for the number of repeats, and the time shift. 

For example, I have three labs and two lectures, repeating weekly for 16
weeks. So I created five entries as fourth level headings, with the date
and time of for the first week scheduled. Then I moved up to the
preceding third level heading, C-c C-x c, entered 16 for repetitions,
and +1w for time shift, and I had 16 weeks of labs and lectures

ie., I started with this:

** My Course Spring 2010
*** Week One
**** Lecture    
     SCHEDULED: <2010-01-12 Tue 9:30-10:45>
**** Lecture    
     SCHEDULED: <2010-01-14 Thu 9:30-10:45>
**** Lab
     SCHEDULED: <2010-01-12 Tue 12:30-15:15>
**** Lab
     SCHEDULED: <2010-01-14 Thu 12:30-15:15>
**** Lab
     SCHEDULED: <2010-01-13 Wed 8:00-10:45>

Then moved point to "Week One" and called C-c C-x c.



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