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Re: Problems with a scandinavian alphabet on a Debian Linux

From: ken
Subject: Re: Problems with a scandinavian alphabet on a Debian Linux
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 06:26:54 -0500
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On 12/19/2009 05:15 PM Petri Kaurinkoski wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using a Debian Linux system at home and for a while I have been
> struggling with a major annoyance. Namely, when writing any Finnish text
> (or Swedish text for that matter), I am in need to produce the letter
> 'ä'. However, when I press the key 'ä' what appears on my GNU-Emacs
> screen running in an X-window is 'ae'. Now this sounds to me like
> mapping non-US characters to US replacements. But at the same time the
> rest of the scandinavian alphabets are produced properly, i.e. I get
> 'åöÅÄÖ' properly to the screen. Only the lower case 'ä' is behaving in a
> strange way.
> Unfortunately I can not tell exactly when this strange behaviour
> started, but I have never seen it before during the 15+ years of ahppily
> using GNU-Emacs. The version of Emacs I am running right now is 23.1.1.
> My guess is something is misconfigured during an upgrade, I just do not
> know what. Any clues are highly appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Petri
> -- 
>  Petri Kaurinkoski <address@hidden>


Are you getting this behavior only in emacs or in other applications
also?  E.g., if you type into a terminal, does pressing the keys you
mention produce the same characters?

Just a beginning question....

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