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Re: Best way to use org-mode as a work log

From: Ethan
Subject: Re: Best way to use org-mode as a work log
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 07:10:35 -0800 (PST)
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On Dec 20, 12:51 am, Dmitri Minaev <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 6:47 PM, Vagn Johansen <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Ethan <address@hidden> writes:
> >> Since a work log is based around daily entries, I'm wondering if
> >> anyone can recommend the best way to use org-mode for such a purpose.
> > I do not if it the best way but "remember templates" could be useful
> > for this.
> I second that. Besides, I have set up a keyboard shortcut in my window
> manager (Stumpwm) which raises the Emacs window and calls the template
> selection dialog, so I can add and entry to the log with just a few
> keystrokes.
> --
> With best regards,
> Dmitri Minaev
> Russian history blog:

Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm definitely going to read up on the
Remember Templates.  Here's how I've done my initial (very simple)
I have a work log spanning the last 5 or so years on my current
project.  It's a plain
text file that I just edit in emacs, plain and simple.  Here is how my
work log is organized and how I've done my initial conversion to
org-mode.  My current format is of the form:

   Accounting system:
           Work on CSS for tables
                ** Use standard fonts!

            Design schema for SAP integration.


So when I start my work day, I just add the current date to the end of
the file and type away.   After reviewing the Org-mode docs and
playing around a bit I decided to just start simple and work my way
slowly into the more complex features.  I decided that my
implementation would set a top-level outline for each day and then set
the daily tasks with appropriate tags.  I needed to convert my current
work log, which contains entries from the last 5 or so years.  The
conversion was quite simple:

(1)  Replace all lines with "*" in the first character to "+" as the
first character so as not to inadvertently create an outline entry.
        M-x replace-regexp RET ^ *\* RET + RET

(2)  Replace all daily start entry lines with top-level outline
entries.  So lines of the form:

    would be transformed to to lines of the form
       * Day Entry [2009-05-14]

    M-x replace-regexp RET
^\([0-9]\{1,2\}\)/\([0-9]\{1,2\}\)/\([0-9]\{2\}\) RET * Day Entry
\[20\3-\1-\2]  RET

And voila!  My work log was converted to org-mode format and I'm ready
to go.  Here's my work log for today in my new format, previous days

* Day Entry [2009-12-17] ...
* Day Entry [2009-12-18] ...
* Day Entry [2009-12-19]
** DONE Convert worklog to emacs .org file.        :work_organization:
  CLOSED: [2009-12-19 Sat 09:23]
*** DONE Replace all lines with * in the first character to +.
   CLOSED: [2009-12-19 Sat 09:10]
*** DONE Change all lines with starting entries XX/YY/ZZ to day
entries of the
   CLOSED: [2009-12-19 Sat 09:23]
     form * Day Entry [20ZZ-XX-YY]
       Use emacs replace-regex
          => * Day Entry \[20\3-\1-\2]

I'm currently using KTimeTracker for doing my project time tracking,
but I'm going to read up on the org-mode timers and perhaps switch


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