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problem with semantic database

From: kiani45
Subject: problem with semantic database
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:27:30 -0800 (PST)

hi, all

I am new to the emacs and use it for C++ programming
I have two problems with semantic

I've read this:

but still cannot solve them, can any one help me @@

when I put my header files and source files in different directories
semantic cannot find the tag so the command
"semantic-complete-analyze-inline" doesn't work
it says "cannot find types for XX"

only when I explicitly add the path enables semantic to work
 (semantic-add-system-include "~/MyProjects/C++/C++-3/HW2/header" 'c++-mode) 

it says that I can add my cscope info into the semantic database by using
the problem is that I don't have this command @@
how can I connect cscope with semantic??

the second problem is:
how can I grab the tag information from standard library?
(for example,
  vector<int> v ;
   v. )    <- "semantic-complete-analyze-inline" can show me some member and
functions of vector
from the above link, it says that you can do this by add one line in your
,emacs: (require 'semantic-gcc)
but I still have trouble message "cannot find types for v"

Can any one help me???

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