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Re: Using Emacs Lisp for script writing

From: Teemu Likonen
Subject: Re: Using Emacs Lisp for script writing
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 19:18:04 +0200
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On 2009-12-16 16:32 (+0100), Cecil Westerhof wrote:

> I already use 'emacs -batch' for scripting where no user input is
> used, but I would like to use it also for interactive scripting. Until
> now I did not find any usable information about this. Anybody using
> Emacs for interactive scripts?

I suggest using some Common Lisp implementation instead. They are more
general-purpose Lisp dialects I like CLISP.

    (format *query-io* "Type something: ")
    (format t "You wrote: ~A" (read-line *query-io*))

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