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Re: Re: occasional pause (or stutter) on win32 emacs 23.0.95

From: Matthew L Daniel
Subject: Re: Re: occasional pause (or stutter) on win32 emacs 23.0.95
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009 11:13:58 -0500
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On 2:59 PM, Reto wrote:

I'm experiencing the same problem on a domain computer xp sp2 with
emacs 23.1.1 offical binary
I don't think it has anything to to with tramp
emacs22 also has tramp AFAIK


Yes, I remembered a few days ago that I have a problem with all MSYS/MinGW based programs, and M-x about-emacs shows it was built using MinGW. Here is the description of my symptoms with MSYS (

For example, as detailed in that link, launching rxvt.exe (which comes with MSYS) takes quite a few seconds. I don't know if it "stutters" the same way as Emacs because I am not typing as much in it; in fact, Emacs is the most interactive MSYS/MinGW application I have.

On the one hand, I'm sorry that blamed Emacs, but on the other hand since the Windows version of Emacs uses MSYS, this is relevant.

  -- /v\atthew

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