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Two questions about Emacs gtags mode

From: Water Lin
Subject: Two questions about Emacs gtags mode
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 2009 18:14:46 +0800
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1. My Emacs can't find tags

I am trying to use Gtags mode in my Emacs to read source code. In my
project folder, I use cammad $ gtags from shell to establish four
necessary files like GPATH, GTAGS.

I also use command $ gtags to establish index in my /usr/include folder,
and I also add /usr/include to environment variable GTAGSLIBPATH. So now
I can use command

$ global timeval

, and I will get output like:
$ global timeval

It seems that global works all right now.

But when I use Emacs gtags-mode, I use M-. to check the declaration of


, Emacs prompts me that "timeval: tag not found [2 times]".

Why my Emacs can't find this tag?

2. What is the difference between the Google-gtags and Emacs default
gtags-mode? The Google-gtags link is:

Hope someone can help me!


Water Lin
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