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Re: Tracking Emacs Development

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Re: Tracking Emacs Development
Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 20:13:11 -0500
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srevilak> What is the best way to follow emacs development?  Just
srevilak> check out the trunk [1] and rebuild on a regular basis?

Peter_Dyballa> Yes, and also trying to compile the sources differently
Peter_Dyballa> to see how robust they are. I am using libraries from
Peter_Dyballa> Fink and from MacPorts and see (or better: saw on
Peter_Dyballa> Tiger, on Leopard I haven't had the opportunity yet to
Peter_Dyballa> compile GNU Emacs) differences.

monnier> Yes, that is ideal.  If you do that, you'll probably want to
monnier> keep an eye on address@hidden (it's a fairly
monnier> high-traffic list, tho), for known breakage and things like
monnier> that.

Peter and Stefan,

Thank you for the suggestions.  I'll go back to building from the
trunk (and pretest versions, when they're available).


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