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Tracking Emacs Development (was: Fullscreen Mode, Emacs 23 and OS X)

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Tracking Emacs Development (was: Fullscreen Mode, Emacs 23 and OS X)
Date: Sun, 6 Dec 2009 21:27:26 -0500
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srevilak> When I downloaded 23.1.1, I was surprised to discover that
srevilak> the little "mac" directory had disappeared.  Emacs 23 seems
srevilak> to be heading down the path of merging Mac OS
srevilak> X/OpenStep/GNUStep code.  To excerpt a section of etc/NEWS
srevilak> (from the emacs source distribution):

monnier> The original reason for the change was that nobody wanted to
monnier> maintain the "Carbon" port (i.e. the OSX code used in
monnier> Emacs-22).  Now that we switched, we have no intention to go
monnier> back, so please help us improve the NS code in Emacs-23 by
monnier> reporting (via M-x report-emacs-bug) the problems you
monnier> encounter.

srevilak> Thanks for the nudge.  I have reported more bugs :)

I'd like to ask a question on a more serious note.

To me, emacs is a very important piece of software, and I would like
to do what I can to help it improve.
What is the best way to follow emacs development?  Just check out the
trunk [1] and rebuild on a regular basis?  Are there incremental
branches done between release versions?


[1] i.e.

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