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Re: where to start emacs --deamon in debian?

From: Richard Riley
Subject: Re: where to start emacs --deamon in debian?
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 16:16:44 +0100
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barriehie <address@hidden> writes:

> Jonas Stein wrote:
>> Hi 
>> what is the best way to start emacs --deamon in a debian (testing) system?
>> Should i put it in a selfmade init script to /etc/init.d or into
>> /etc/profiles 
>> or some elsewhere?
>> kind regards,
>> Jonas
> I agree with the prior posts re: not starting the process via system init
> files!  The wiki has an article on doing just that if you must.  Personally
> I've got (server-start) in my .emacs and thereafter every file is opened
> with the client. 

Only if you issue emacsclient as the command. However, there is no need
with emacs 23 to specifically do a server start. Just set your editor
env to something like "edit" where edit is a small bash script like

| #!/bin/bash
| # edit
| exec emacsclient --alternate-editor="" -c "$@"

NB: the export is to get around a menu bug in emacs 23.

In my .bash_env I have

| export EDITOR="~/bin/edit"

Since you need to emacsclient anyway if you specifically do a
server-start then you might as well issue "edit" or whatever you want it
to be and let emacs take care of it. If the daemon is not running it
automatically starts it for you.

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