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Which is better to navigate source code?

From: Water Lin
Subject: Which is better to navigate source code?
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 10:53:30 +0800
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I have a lot of code which I need to check under Linux. So I think use
Emacs my code brower is a good choice.

But when I am using ECB, it seems that ECB can't get some tags for my
functions, class. What should I do to get some tags for my code?

I checked EmacsWiki and it says that we have etags (which comes with
emacs), and ExuberantCtags which can generate tags file. And it says
that ExuberantCtags is the best choice as it supports more languages and
is more robust.

So I think I need to use ECB together with ExuberantCtags, is it right?

What's your tools?


Water Lin

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