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Re: Maildir folder nnmaildir problem

From: CHENG Gao
Subject: Re: Maildir folder nnmaildir problem
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 11:35:24 +0800
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Since you use fetchmai to handle mail retrieving and deliver to Maildir
directly, you only need:

| (setq gnus-select-method '(nnmaildir "mymailbox" (directory "~/
| Maildir/")))  

Then you may need to browse nnmaildir server to subscribe to groups.

nnfolder is the default archive method if you did set otherwise

You can try:
| setq (gnus-message-archive-method "nnmaildir+mymailbox:"
|           gnus-update-message-archive-method t
|           gnus-message-archive-group '((if (message-news-p) 
|           "nnmaildir+mymailbox:sent-news" "nnmaildir+mymalbox:sent-mail")))

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