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Frame titles which reflect contents

From: Eduardo Cavazos
Subject: Frame titles which reflect contents
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 08:04:20 -0800 (PST)
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Today I had three frames open. One frame had a single window with file
'a'. Another had a single window with file 'b'. The third frame had 3
windows; file 'a', file 'b', and a *scheme* buffer.

I was running this Emacs in Gnome. The three frames are reflected in
the window list in the bottom panel. The trouble is that, the third
frame with the multiple windows is named based on the buffer that's
currently selected in that frame. So if buffer 'b' is selected,
there's no way to distinguish frame 2 and frame 3 based on the window
list alone.

Any thoughts on how to solve the problem?

One approach is to have the frame title be based on more than just the
name of the currently selected buffer. So for example, if a frame has
two windows with buffers 'a.sls' and '*scheme*', the frame could be
called "[a.sls] | *scheme*". I.e. with the [...] indicating which
buffer in that frame is active.

I'm sure there are other approaches as well! Comments, suggestions,
and elisp welcome! :-)


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