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Re: windows key as super

From: Giovanni Gigante
Subject: Re: windows key as super
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 18:33:16 +0100
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Thanks for all your replies and resources; however, I still have problems.
It seems that my windows key is mostly ignored by emacs. For example, if I try "M-x local-set-key RET", and then I type windows-s, all emacs gets is the s; the windows key is not seen.
I've tried this in several settings, this is the result:

                                       gets windows keys?
(1) emacs -nw in linux cli console:    NO
(2) emacs -nw in gnome terminal:       NO
(3) emacs -nw remotely via ssh PuTTY:  NO
(4) X11 emacs locally:                 YES
(5) X11 emacs remotely via VNC:        NO

basically, only in one situation emacs notes that I pressed the windows key.
I can survive if it doesn't work in the text-only modes. However, what I am really interested is (5). In both (4) and (5), xev reports "Super_L" being pressed, although with a different keycode (115 in (4), 255 in (5)). So it seems that the key press reaches X11 in both cases. Only, in (5) emacs ignores it. Any idea why?


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