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Re: Mode specific menus have stopped dropping down

From: Martin Brehmer
Subject: Re: Mode specific menus have stopped dropping down
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 16:48:55 +0100
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Did you get a solution?

> Many thanks for the F10 workaround. I tested in all the emac modes I
> regularly use & it solves the problem in all of them.
> Technically this is still a workaround rather than a solution so I might
> file a bug report about this.
> Thanks again
> Bugzilla from address@hidden wrote:
>> arcade <address@hidden> writes:
>> [snip] Until yesterday when
>>> intermittently the mode specific drop down menus stopped appearing.
>>> For example: if I load an html page the mode specific HTML & SGML
>>> menus appear.
>>> But, if I click the SMGL menu title nothing appears except small thin
>>> landscape rectangle below the title. The HTML menu will intermittently
>>> work
>>> on some sessions. I can gain access to the menus via the
>>> C-mouse-down-3- command but I would like access via the menu bar. This
>>> also happens intermittently for the Lisp-interaction menu in the
>>> scratch buffer & for all
>>> mode specific menus in nXhtml.
>> [snip]
>> I have the same issue. To be able to access the menu, I found this
>> trick: hit F10 to display the File menu entry then all other menus will
>> work as expected. I run gnome, so maybe the F10 key has to be replaced
>> by another one for other window systems.
>> Olivier

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