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RE: Emacs on Windows ignoring "\C-)"

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Emacs on Windows ignoring "\C-)"
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 11:22:41 -0800

> When I press C-h k C-), emacs (actually `describe-key') continues to
> wait for a keypress.  It doesn't do anything in response to C-).

Does it look like this in the minibuffer?
 Describe key (or click or menu item):  C-)-
IOW, ending with a with a dash, with the cursor after the dash?

If it does, that's a sign that `C-)' is defined as a prefix key, for some
reason. `C-h k' waits for the rest of the key sequence following the prefix.

You can try this, to try to get some more info: `C-) C-h'. With a little luck,
if `C-)' is in fact a prefix key this will show you help about `C-)' and its
possible completions. The command names bound to the keys might give you a clue
about what library is binding `C-)'.

You say that this also happens to you if you start Emacs using `emacs -Q'? If
so, then consider filing a bug: `M-x report-emacs-bug'. AFAIK, `C-)' should not
be bound to anything by default in virgin, vanilla Emacs. (describe-key (kbd
"C-)") should say simply `C-) is undefined'.

If this same behavior does not occur with `emacs -Q', however, then look in your
init file for something that is defining `C-)' (as a prefix key). To find it,
use binary search: comment out half your init file, then half of that, and so
on, until you narrow down the guilty part. Sounds long, but it's actually very
quick to do.

> There are no messages in the echo area or in the *Messages* buffer.
> Interestingly, if I force the issue by evaluating (describe-key (kbd
> "C-)")), emacs reacts correctly and brings up the help for function
> associated with the key.

What does that help say? If it says `C-) is undefined', then there is likely a
problem with `describe-key'. If it gives some command name, then take a look at
the library that defines that command.

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