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problems with the daemon at log out

From: Peter Tury
Subject: problems with the daemon at log out
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 13:37:50 -0800 (PST)
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I start emacs --daemon when I log in and don't want to do any special
at log out. This works if I don't start emacsclient at all OR if I run
the command kill-emacs. However, I have problems in the most natural
case: when I started and closed some emacsclients before log out. In
such cases, at log out I get a question (from Gnome?): "A program is
still running Emacs is not responding". Why is this? How to avoid this
(by some Emacs config)?

I see that Emacs has 4 open files/sockets when --daemon is started
(1-1-1 (/dev/null) for stdin-stdout-stderr + 1 (/tmp/emacs1000/server)
for server listening I guess).
When I start the first emacsclient, other 3 files/sockets are opened.
When I close the emacsclient 5 (or more) files/sockets remain open.
After this (=after the first start+stop of an emacsclient) the number
of the opened files/sockets remain constant (after subsequent
emacsclient start+stops).
I guess the extra socket(s) left open after the first emacsclient start
+stop causes my problem. Am I right? How to avoid this?


I use Ubuntu 9.10 + cvs emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+
Version 2.18.3) of 2009-11-08.
I tried it without custom .emacs file, and found no differences in
this behaviour.

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