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Using several window systems

From: Peder Refsnes
Subject: Using several window systems
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2009 08:51:18 +0100


On my system, a mac, I have compiled emacs to use the X window manager. I use a 
tilling manager called AwesomeWM to handle the window placement which I find to 
be better than floating cocoa windows, most of the time. 

It would be nice if I was able to start an emacsclient that hooks into the 
running server and makes a cocoa frame. Use case would be if I'm having a quick 
look at a README file or the like, but also be able to reach the buffers in my 
"main" emacs instance. So what I'm basically asking is: Is it's possible to 
have two different window systems connect to an emacs server? 


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