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Re: Open a info file manually

From: 大熊
Subject: Re: Open a info file manually
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2009 17:44:08 +0800

2009/11/10 大熊 <address@hidden>:
> I use Emacs 23.1
> I want to open a info file somewhere, and Google result is I can use
> the bind key "c-u c-h i"
> and I will know whether there is a function or command do the same work?

when I press "c-u c-h i", the minibuffer will prompt me:

    Info file name: D:\emacs\bin/

and I can input a info file's full path to open the info file in Info-Mode

So can I use the [alt-x + XXXX] mode? or bind this operation to some key?


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