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Re: Basic questions about elisp

From: Francis Moreau
Subject: Re: Basic questions about elisp
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009 06:16:59 -0800 (PST)
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On Nov 10, 1:11 pm, Joost Kremers <address@hidden> wrote:
> Francis Moreau wrote:
> > address@hidden (Pascal J. Bourguignon) writes:
> >> Well, there are several places where it's covered, but here is one
> >> where it's explicitely explained:
> >> (info "(elisp)Rearrangement")
> [...]
> > ok that tells: "don't do that !" but it doesn't tell why not...
> just imagine a list as an object living somewhere in the memory of your
> computer. then try to figure out which list gets *modified* by the call to
> nconc, keeping in mind that nconc does *not* copy its arguments before doing 
> its
> job.

I don't really want to imagine some scenarios when reading this kind
of documentation.

BTW, the documentation is actually taking about the non-last argument,
however I was using a constant list for the last argument. So it
wouldn't apply in my case...


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