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Re: Using tramp from Cygwin Emacs

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: Using tramp from Cygwin Emacs
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 17:54:03 -0600
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"KARR, DAVID (ATTCINW)" <address@hidden> writes:


>> You might use the ssh with -vv and see something informative.  I've
>> had problems where the remote shell login hands out stuff ssh does not
>> like.  And might even cause it to fail. Its a slim chance for sure but
>> might give a clue of somekind.
> Well, this didn't directly help, but it made me think about this a
> little more, and let me to a clue.  The login name I need to use on the
> remote box is different from my local principal.  I thought I was
> configuring it correctly to use that different principal, but apparently
> not.  When I tried manually specifying that principal on the tramp path,
> it worked fine.
> So, in order to make it use that different principal automatically, I
> had created $HOME/.ssh/config and chmoded 0700 on the "config" file.
> The contents of the file looked like this:
> Host <hostname>
> HostName <hostname>
> User <principaltouse>
> I also set "tramp-default-method" to "ssh".
> I also used "tramp-set-completion-function", using the example in the
> info to make it parse my $HOME/.ssh/config file, so the resulting value


> So, for some reason, if I don't manually specify the principal to use,
> it's not getting the user to use from my ".ssh/config" file.

You never said what OS this is taking place on, but I guess a windows
of some sort?  If so, the OS may have a different idea of $HOME than
does cygwin.

Have you set the HOME variable on windows?  On Cygwin?

I guess you could try a windows command shell and type `echo %home%'
and a cygwin bash shell and type `echo $HOME' to see if they match.

(If you don't know how to set it on windows ask back to this thread.)

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